How to Identify a Real Lehsunia nag (Cat’s Eye) Stone at Home

How to Identify a Real Lehsunia nag (Cat’s Eye) Stone at Home

Lehsunia, also known as Cat’s Eye, is a precious gemstone valued for its unique appearance and astrological benefits. To ensure you have a genuine Lehsunia stone, follow these steps for identification at home:

1. Visual Inspection

  • Cat’s Eye Effect (Chatoyancy): The most distinctive feature of a genuine Cat’s Eye stone is the 'cat's eye' effect. When light is shone on the stone, it should display a sharp, bright line that appears to glide across the surface, resembling a cat’s eye.
  • Color and Luster: Natural Lehsunia stones come in various colors, including greenish, yellowish, brownish, and grayish tones. The stone should have a high luster, appearing shiny and smooth.

2. Check for Inclusions

  • Natural Inclusions: Genuine Lehsunia stones often have natural inclusions and internal structures that can be seen under magnification. These inclusions may appear as fine, parallel lines or tube-like structures, contributing to the cat’s eye effect.
  • Clarity: While inclusions are common, the stone should not be overly cloudy or opaque. A balance of clarity and natural inclusions is typical for genuine stones.

3. Touch and Temperature Test

  • Cool to Touch: A real Lehsunia stone should feel cool to the touch initially and gradually warm up. Fake stones or imitations often do not have this thermal property.

4. Density and Weight

  • Heaviness: Genuine Lehsunia stones have a higher density and should feel heavier than fake or synthetic counterparts of the same size.

5. Scratch Test

  • Hardness: Cat’s Eye stones are relatively hard, ranking about 8.5 on the Mohs scale. Use a material of lesser hardness, such as a copper coin (Mohs hardness 3), to gently scratch an inconspicuous area of the stone. A genuine Cat’s Eye should not scratch easily.

6. UV Light Test

  • Fluorescence: Some natural Cat’s Eye stones exhibit fluorescence under ultraviolet (UV) light. If available, shine a UV light on the stone in a dark room to check for any glowing effect.

7. Consultation and Certification

  • Expert Consultation: While home tests can provide some indications, the most reliable way to confirm the authenticity of a Lehsunia stone is by consulting a certified gemologist or getting the stone tested at a reputable gem lab.
  • Certification: Always ask for a gemstone certificate from a recognized authority when purchasing Lehsunia. This certificate verifies the authenticity and quality of the stone.


Identifying a real Lehsunia (Cat’s Eye) stone involves a combination of visual inspection, physical tests, and expert consultation. By following these steps, you can gain confidence in the authenticity of your stone. For the most accurate results, consider seeking a professional evaluation and certification.

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