Astrologically, Who Should Wear Red Coral (Moonga)?

Astrologically, Who Should Wear Red Coral (Moonga)?

Red Coral, or Moonga, is a powerful gemstone associated with the planet Mars in Vedic astrology. It is recommended for individuals whose birth charts indicate certain alignments and conditions where the energies of Mars need to be harnessed or balanced. Here are the key astrological profiles and conditions that benefit from wearing Red Coral:

1. Weak or Malefic Mars

Individuals with a weak or malefic Mars in their natal chart can benefit from wearing Red Coral. This gemstone strengthens Mars's positive attributes and mitigates its negative effects.

2. Ascendants and Zodiac Signs

  • Aries and Scorpio Ascendants: Mars rules these signs, and wearing Red Coral can enhance their natural strengths and mitigate weaknesses.
  • Cancer¬†Ascendant :¬†Mars rules 5th and 10th houses. Mars is really beneficial here
  • Capricorn and Aquarius Ascendants: Mars rules the 4th and 11th houses in Capricorn. Mars rules the 3rs and 10th houses in Aquarius.¬†Wearing Red Coral can help in achieving personal and professional goals.

3. Professions Requiring Strength and Courage

People in professions that demand physical strength, courage, and assertiveness, such as military personnel, athletes, surgeons, police officers, and firefighters, can benefit significantly from wearing Red Coral.

4. Individuals Facing Legal or Competitional Challenges

Those involved in legal disputes, facing enemies, or dealing with competitive environments can wear Red Coral for protection and to gain an upper hand.

5. People with Health Issues Related to Mars

Individuals suffering from health issues such as blood disorders, muscle pain, fatigue, or bone-related ailments may find relief by wearing Red Coral, as it is believed to promote vitality and physical strength.

6. Improving Marital Relationships

For those experiencing marital discord, especially in charts where Mars affects the 7th house (house of partnerships), Red Coral can help bring harmony and reduce conflicts in relationships.

7. Enhancing Leadership and Management Skills

People in leadership roles or aspiring to enhance their management skills can wear Red Coral to boost their decision-making abilities and assertiveness.

8. Individuals Lacking Motivation and Confidence

Those who feel a lack of motivation, confidence, or drive can benefit from the energizing and empowering qualities of Red Coral, which can help them take bold steps towards their goals.

9. Students and Professionals Needing Focus and Determination

Students and professionals who need to enhance their focus, clarity, and determination can wear Red Coral to improve their concentration and achieve academic or career success.


Red Coral (Moonga) is a powerful gemstone that can significantly enhance Mars's positive traits and mitigate its negative influences. It is especially beneficial for those with a weak or malefic Mars, Aries,scorpio and cancer ascendants, and individuals in need of strength, courage, and protection. 

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