Astrological Gemstone for Scorpio (Vrishchik Rashi)

Astrological Gemstone for Scorpio (Vrishchik Rashi)

Primary Gemstone: Red Coral (Moonga) :  Buy here

Benefits of Wearing Red Coral for Scorpio:

  • Enhances Courage: Boosts confidence and bravery, aligning with Scorpio's intense nature.
  • Promotes Health: Improves physical health and vitality.
  • Increases Determination: Strengthens determination and willpower.
  • Protection: Provides protection from negative energies and helps overcome obstacles.
  • Boosts Leadership: Enhances leadership qualities and aids in gaining respect and authority.

How to Wear Red Coral:

  • Metal: It is recommended to set Red Coral in gold or silver.
  • Finger: Wear it on the ring finger of the right hand.
  • Day: The best day to wear Red Coral is Tuesday.
  • Weight: The ideal weight of Red Coral for astrological benefits is between 5 to 9 carats. Consult with an astrologer to determine the best weight for your needs.

Activation and Energization:

  1. Clean the Gemstone: Clean Red Coral with water and milk to remove any impurities.
  2. Place in Clean Water: Place the gemstone in a bowl of clean water and add a few Tulsi (holy basil) leaves.
  3. Chant Mantra: Chant the Mars (Mangal) mantra, "Om Mangalaya Namah," 108 times to energize the gemstone.
  4. Wear on Tuesday: Wear the energized Red Coral on a Tuesday morning.

Secondary Gemstones:

  • Pearl: For Luck : Buy here
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