Yellow sapphires (Pukhraj)

Different type of yellow sapphires (Pukhraj)

Yellow sapphires, with their captivating hues and radiant brilliance, are among the most cherished gemstones in the world. These gemstones, associated with the planet Jupiter, are believed to bring prosperity, wisdom, and happiness to their wearers. But did you know that not all yellow sapphires are the same? Let's explore the different types of yellow sapphires based on their origin, color intensity, treatment, and clarity.

Types Based on Origin

  1. Ceylon (Sri Lankan) Yellow Sapphires:
    • Known for their exceptional clarity and light to medium yellow color.
    • Sri Lanka is one of the oldest and most significant sources of high-quality yellow sapphires, revered for their luminous beauty.
  2. Burmese Yellow Sapphires:
    • These sapphires boast a rich, deep yellow color.
    • Originating from Myanmar (Burma), they are highly valued for their intense hue and historical significance.
  3. Thai Yellow Sapphires:
    • Typically feature a darker, golden yellow color.
    • Thailand is a prominent source of these sapphires, contributing significantly to the global market.
  4. Madagascar Yellow Sapphires:
    • Ranging from light to vivid yellow, these sapphires are known for their excellent clarity.
    • Madagascar has emerged as a major player in the yellow sapphire market in recent years.

Types Based on Color Intensity

  1. Pale Yellow Sapphires:
    • Characterized by a light, almost pastel-like color.
    • These sapphires are less intense in color but often exhibit exceptional clarity and brightness.
  2. Golden Yellow Sapphires:
    • Display a rich, warm golden hue.
    • Highly sought after for their vivid and striking color, making them a favorite in fine jewelry.
  3. Canary Yellow Sapphires:
    • Known for their bright, intense yellow reminiscent of canary birds.
    • Among the most desirable and valuable yellow sapphires due to their vibrant color.

Types Based on Treatment

  1. Untreated (Natural) Yellow Sapphires:
    • These gemstones have not undergone any treatments or enhancements.
    • Most valued for their natural beauty and often accompanied by certification of authenticity.
  2. Heat-Treated Yellow Sapphires:
    • Subjected to heat treatment to enhance color and clarity.
    • Widely accepted in the market and more affordable than untreated stones.
  3. Beryllium-Treated Yellow Sapphires:
    • Treated with beryllium to enhance or change the color.
    • This treatment can produce vivid colors but may impact the gemstone’s traditional value.

Types Based on Inclusions and Clarity

  1. Eye-Clean Yellow Sapphires:
    • Appear free of inclusions to the naked eye.
    • Highly prized for their clarity and pristine appearance.
  2. Inclusion-Rich Yellow Sapphires:
    • Contain visible inclusions, which can sometimes create unique visual effects.
    • Generally more affordable but can still be beautiful and unique.

Other Notable Varieties

  1. Star Yellow Sapphires:
    • Exhibit asterism, a star-like phenomenon on the surface.
    • Typically cut en cabochon (rounded, not faceted) to enhance this effect.
  2. Fancy Yellow Sapphires:
    • Refers to yellow sapphires with unique or less common shades and color zoning.
    • Can be very appealing to collectors and those looking for something distinct.
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