Red Coral (Moonga)

22 names of Red Coral gemstone (Moonga nag)

Moonga, also known as Red Coral, is a gemstone associated with the planet Mars (Mangal) in Vedic astrology. It is known by various names in different languages and cultures. Here are some of the different names for Moonga:

  1. Red Coral: The most common English name, referring to its color and origin.
  2. Moonga: The Hindi name, widely used in India.
  3. Praval: Sanskrit name often found in ancient texts and scriptures.
  4. Vidrum: Another Sanskrit name for coral.
  5. Lal Moonga: Another Hindi term emphasizing its red color.
  6. Mangal Ratna: In Vedic astrology, referring to its association with the planet Mars (Mangal).
  7. Corallium Rubrum: The scientific name for red coral.
  8. Mirjaan: A Persian name for coral.
  9. Laal Moonga: Another term used in Urdu, emphasizing its red hue.
  10. Sinduja: Meaning "born in the ocean" in Sanskrit, another name for coral.
  11. Pagadam: Regional name used in Telugu-speaking regions.
  12. Pavizham: Name used in Malayalam.
  13. Munga: Japanese name for coral.
  14. Marjan: Used in Arabic-speaking regions.
  15. Shu Moonga: Another regional variant in some parts of India.
  16. Aka Sango: Japanese term for red coral.
  17. Corallio Rosso: Italian term for red coral.
  18. Corail Rouge: French term for red coral.
  19. Merejan: Another variant in Middle Eastern cultures.
  20. Sango: General Japanese term for coral.
  21. Kirmizi Mercan: Turkish name for red coral.
  22. Korallenrot: German term for red coral.

These names reflect the gemstone's cultural significance and its physical characteristics. 

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