Lehsunia (Cat's eye)

13 names of Lehsunia (Cat's eye) gemstone for Ketu

Ketu, one of the significant planets in Vedic astrology, is often associated with the mystical and powerful gemstone known as Lehsunia or Cat's Eye. This gemstone is renowned for its potential to balance Ketu's energies and bring harmony and protection to the wearer. However, Lehsunia is known by various names across different cultures and traditions. In this blog post, we will explore the diverse names for Ketu's gemstone and their significance.

1. Cat's Eye

The most widely recognized name for Lehsunia is Cat's Eye. This name is derived from the gemstone's unique appearance, which resembles the slit-eye of a cat. The striking chatoyancy, or the cat-eye effect, is due to the presence of fibrous inclusions within the stone. Cat's Eye is believed to ward off evil spirits and bring good fortune to its wearer.

2. Vaidurya

In Sanskrit, the gemstone is referred to as Vaidurya. This ancient name reflects the gemstone's revered status in Vedic astrology and its historical use in various rituals and spiritual practices. Vaidurya is considered to be a powerful talisman that can protect against negative energies and enhance spiritual growth.

3. Chrysoberyl

Scientifically, Cat's Eye is a variety of Chrysoberyl. This mineralogical name is used in gemology to classify the stone based on its chemical composition and physical properties. Chrysoberyl is highly valued for its hardness and durability, making it an excellent choice for jewelry.

4. Ketu Ratna

As the primary gemstone for Ketu, it is often referred to as Ketu Ratna. In Vedic astrology, "Ratna" means gemstone, and this name emphasizes its direct connection to the planet Ketu. Wearing Ketu Ratna is believed to mitigate the malefic effects of Ketu and bring balance to the individual's life.

5. Lahasunya

Another traditional name for Lehsunia is Lahasunya. This term is used in various Indian languages and signifies the stone's cultural and astrological importance. Lahasunya is often recommended by astrologers for those experiencing the adverse effects of Ketu in their horoscope.

6. Bidalaksha

In some regions, the gemstone is known as Bidalaksha. This name also alludes to the cat-eye appearance of the stone. Bidalaksha is cherished for its protective properties and is commonly used in talismans and amulets.

7. Vaiduryam

In classical texts, Vaiduryam is another name used for Cat's Eye. This name is often found in ancient scriptures and manuscripts, highlighting the stone's longstanding significance in spiritual and astrological practices.

8. Ketu Mani

Ketu Mani is a straightforward name that directly translates to Ketu's gemstone. This term is frequently used in astrological consultations and gemstone recommendations. Ketu Mani is believed to help overcome challenges associated with Ketu's position in one's birth chart.

9. Sutramani

In some traditions, Lehsunia is called Sutramani. This name underscores the stone's spiritual and mystical attributes. Sutramani is thought to enhance intuition and provide insight into one's spiritual path.

10. Ketu Stone

A simple and descriptive name, Ketu Stone, is often used to specify the gemstone's planetary association. This name is easy to understand and is commonly used in gemstone markets and astrology shops.

11. Lasunia

Lasunia is a colloquial variation of Lehsunia. This name is used in different parts of India and reflects the regional linguistic diversity. Lasunia retains the same astrological significance as other names.

12. Lahasunia

Similar to Lasunia, Lahasunia is another regional variation. It is widely recognized in local markets and among gemstone enthusiasts. Lahasunia is cherished for its protective and healing properties.

13. Vaiduriya

Vaiduriya is another ancient name derived from Sanskrit texts. This name emphasizes the gemstone's historical and cultural roots, connecting it to traditional Vedic practices and beliefs.


Lehsunia, or Cat's Eye, is a gemstone of profound astrological importance. Its various names—such as Vaidurya, Chrysoberyl, Ketu Ratna, Lahasunya, and Bidalaksha—reflect its rich cultural heritage and multifaceted significance. Understanding these different names can deepen your appreciation for this powerful stone and its role in balancing Ketu's energies in your life. Whether you call it Cat's Eye or Vaiduryam, the gemstone remains a potent tool for protection, spiritual growth, and harmony.

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